Se7en LLC prides itself on the ability to not only create the web presence that our clients desire, but also incorporate new trends and technological advances into the websites we develop to make them the most cutting edge sites on the market. Our goal is always to provide our clients with the best web presence possible by creating a website that will offer them a strong competitive advantage for years to come.

Here’s how our development process works:

  1. A “Discovery” meeting is held at your location or ours.  During this session, we’ll talk about your company’s goals and we can help you achieve them using technology.  Sometimes this means a new website or web-based tool, other times it may mean a quick refresh of your existing site.  Throughout the meeting we’ll brainstorm ideas, concepts and ways we can set you apart from your competitors.  By the end, we’ll both have a good idea of what your needs are and how Se7en can help.
  2. Based on the information we “discovered” in our meeting, we’ll get busy putting together a no-obligation proposal for you.  This will outline the entire project from start to finish, and will include timelines, feature lists and a flat price.  Once we quote you a price for a project, we guarantee you won’t ever pay more than that.
  3. Once we get the go-ahead, our design team will get started on doing what they do best: creating timeless and beautiful graphics and web layouts that will literally knock your socks off.  When they’re all done, we’ll present their work to you and you can tell us what you like (or don’t like!).
  4. After we settle on a design, the nitty-gritty technical development begins.  This stage is kind of like watching a cake bake in the oven after you’ve mixed together all the ingredients.  We’ll give you regular updates to let you know how things are going.  Once everything’s put together, we thoroughly test your site to look for any bugs or errors.  Our sites ship bug-free.
  5. LAUNCH DAY!  We’ll get your site online, using your server or ours.  This stage is usually accompanied by champagne or high-fives, and sometimes both.